Beaded Star of Friendship Pattern


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I am launching this beaded star of friendship pattern to coincide with International Beading Week 2020. So, the design is inspired by the IBW logo, symbolising friendship and bringing beaders together to celebrate their mutual love of beading. The colouring reflects the celebration of diversity within our global community. But it also means a whole lot more. Before I share that meaning, let’s look at the practicalities…


You will need size 11/0 cylinder beads to complete this project. If you’re not sure what cylinder beads are, then check out this link.

You will also need your favourite beading thread.

Experience and Techniques

This is a basic Peyote stitch beaded star. It is made using warped squares, joined to form the star. So, if this technique is new to you, don’t worry. I have a free online class that you can use alongside the pattern. You will find the class here.

You can have a go at the beaded star of friendship at any level of experience. This is a small star – just 2″ (5cm) across – so it won’t take long to make.

Just to be clear, the free pattern doesn’t include instructions for making a star. You can access those in the free online class. But if you are a complete beginner and want more information, you should consider getting the pattern with word chart, which gives a little more explanation. I also have a full class on Peyote stars, which you can join if you need help from me.

About the beaded star of friendship design

I intend for this design to be relevant beyond International Beading Week. So, a lot of different influences went into the project.

2020 has also been quite a year in other ways. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the horrific death of George Floyd, which has once more raised the issue of racial discrimination, this has been a year of change, fear and hope.

So, this pattern goes beyond the scope of International Beading Week. The rainbow colours of the little people holding hands also symbolise our global issues. So, that is both the call for equality and tolerance (whether it’s skin colour, gender, religion, sexuality, or anything else) and celebration of our wonderful diversity. Also, the rainbows of hope and gratitude that we have been using to celebrate the key workers who have put their own lives in danger to help protect and save others.

Even my choice of background colours is intended to be an invitation. Take a look at things through a different lens, try a different perspective. The colours of the little people remain the same. But see how your view of them changes when you change the background on which you place them.

I invite you to contemplate these ideas as you bead, and to take them into your life more widely.

I also invite you to share this. So, please let other beaders know about the pattern and where to get it. Please also make these stars to give to friends, family, strangers – anyone who could use a little extra kindness and love. And enjoy!

Practical notes for the beaded star of friendship tutorial

I have given you a choice. You can download just the basic pattern chart and enjoy that for free. If you need a word chart as well, then there is a small charge. Just select your preferred option from the drop-down menu.

You are welcome to sell the finished stars, but please credit me as the designer. You may not share your copy of the pattern, but please do share where other people can find their own copy. Thank you.

And if you would like to try more beaded star projects, just use this link.

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