French Beaded Oxeye Daisy Pattern


This pattern uses two different French Beading techniques to make these oxeye daisy flowers. The pattern gives full instructions, including a guide to the techniques you will be using. It is a project that can be completed by a complete beginner, but you may wish to also use my e-book, ‘Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets‘ as this includes complete video demonstrations of the techniques. You will need size 11 seed beads and craft wire for this project. The flower stems are covered with floral stem tape and embroidery thread. Buy all these materials at great prices from me, in the beading supplies department.

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French Beaded Oxeye Daisy

This French Beaded flower is one of my early designs. So, it is a great project if you are fairly new to French Beading.


You will be using two techniques: start with a variation on the set of looping techniques to make the petals for the flower.

You can choose to use any colour of beads for this. Of course the authentic daisies are usually either white or mauve, but you can get creative here!

I then teach you how to make a centre and leaves using the ‘basic’ technique. Despite its name, I always think this technique is a little more advanced than the looping techniques. I believe the name reflects the fact that the technique is a staple of French Beaded flowers. You will find it used to create individual petals for flowers like the rose, or to make single leaves.

The French Beaded Oxeye Daisy pattern will then take you through the method for assembling your flower. All the techniques are described in detail. I have used photos and diagrams to accompany the written words. So, even if you are just at beginner level, you should be able to have a go at this pattern.


You will need size 11 seed beads and coloured craft wire to match or tone with your beads. I use Matsuno brand seed beads. So, the bead counts in the pattern are calculated with this brand of beads. If you are trying to use beads from your stash, you might need to make a few alterations.

However, you can buy the Matsuno beads from me right here. I have 50g packs as well. So, this is perfect for French beading.

You will also need some floral stem tape, some stiffer lengths of wire and some embroidery silk. Use these to finish the stems of your French Beaded flowers. I sell all these supplies, along with the craft wire, in my beading supplies department. So, check that out and put together your own little kit.

You may also find a bead spinner helpful for threading the beads. However, it’s not essential. You will need wire cutters, but that is it really!