Beaded Flower Basket Pattern


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If you like whimsical beadwork, then this beaded flower basket is just the pattern for you. I made this to give to my Mum on Mother’s Day. You can colour it to suit, matching the flowers to the ribbon around the basket. The finished basket is about 3″ (8cm) tall. It makes a really lovely ornament for someone special and it is a satisfying beading project.

Materials for the Beaded Flower Basket

I love working with size 10 Delicas because they give the regularity that is perfect for Peyote stitch. They are also just a little bit larger, so that makes them easy to work with and creates a larger sized project a little faster! I also know that this size is not sold as commonly as the size 11. So, if you do need a supply, you can buy packs from me here.

In order to make the basket handle, you will need a few size 11 delicas. I recommend that you choose a basket colour that is available in both size 10 and size 11. For my beaded flower basket, I used DB852. You will be able to buy some size 11 delicas from me as well.

The final material for this project is the flowers. I used 4mm pressed glass flowers from the Czech manufacturer PRECIOSA. You can choose any type of flower from any manufacturer, or even make tiny beaded flowers of your own. I suggest that 4-6mm is about the right size to scale with the basket.

Techniques and Experience

Although I have suggested that the beaded flower basket is suitable for intermediate to advanced beaders, I would also say, ‘never be deterred’! You are going to be working in circular and tubular Peyote, with a little bit of tubular Herringbone. If these techniques are new to you, it’s not a problem. You can find free tutorials to take you through the very basics, at beginner level, in this section here.

So, I say, if you like the look of a pattern, then have faith in yourself. Start at the beginning and learn the technique you need. Then put it into practise with the project. In actual fact, my beaded flower basket pattern takes you through all the steps in great detail. The written text is supported by diagrams and photos. This means you can see exactly what you are doing at every stage.

What I am trying to say is, an intermediate to advanced beader may find this project more familiar and thus easier. But if you fall in love with it, the pattern will give you all you need to know and it is backed up by my free tutorials. I love encouraging my students to push themselves and bead what they enjoy. So, if you like the look of this, then go for it…what have you got to lose?!

With that, I just want to wish you happy beading and say thank you for considering the beaded flower basket pattern. If you know someone else who might enjoy it, then please share it on social media or email the link to them. You can also be the first to hear about my new patterns by signing up to my mailing list.

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