Superduo Beads Necklace Pattern


You will need a tube of size 11 Delicas, plus three 24g tubes of Superduos to complete this necklace. You are going to be working in herringbone and peyote stitch. This pattern is suitable for improvers and beyond.

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Superduo Beads Necklace

The inspiration for this necklace came literally from a series of tubes of Superduo beads. These tubes were filled with colour mixes and they looked so pretty as they were that I wanted to find a way to use them like that. I started out working in Herringbone as this creates such a wonderful texture. However, I made two discoveries: the tube has limited flexibility and one tube of Superduos was insufficient to make a whole necklace! So this design was born, using beaded clasps to link a series of tubes. You can add different numbers of tubes to create necklaces of different lengths. Three tubes creates a great choker length, but you could easily extend this down to a rope, so have some fun.

Alongside the Superduo beads, you will be using a few size 11 Delicas to create the clasp sections and the endings for each tube. This section will be stitched in Peyote.

About the Colour

Bead mixes always look very attractive, but they can be challenging to use. In this design you can either buy ready-mixed tubes of Superduo beads, or you can mix your own. If you already have a lot of Superduos, each with a few beads, then you can use them to create a bead mix.

The best mixes use different shades of the same colour group, for example yellows and browns. You could create something really psychedelic with some bright colour mixes though! This design will also work just as well with plain tubes of Superduo beads. Again, you can keep to a single colour, or try and mix some different shades together. The tubes made in single colours really show off the herringbone texture, which looks stunning in Superduo beads.

This design also has the flexibility to alter it to match different outfits: just make a collection of tubes and you can use as many or as few as you like to alter the length of the necklace.