Kheops Triangle Necklace Pattern


For this project you will need a tube of Kheops beads, a tube of Superduos, pearls in 4mm and 6mm, Size 11 Delicas and size 11 Matsuno brand seed beads. You will be working in basic Right Angle Weave, Peyote stitch and also basic spiral stitch. This project is suitable for intermediate level and beyond.

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Kheops Triangle Necklace

This project was designed to see how Kheops beads could be used to create some interest and highlights alongside more traditional beads. I also used Superduos to create a design that looks complex, but in fact has simple thread paths. These beads are so flat and angular that I wanted to contrast them with the really soft, round texture of pearls.

If you know my other patterns, you may have spotted that this design looks a little bit like the Kheops ring. Well, that’s no coincidence! Once I had made the motif I used for the ring, I wanted to develop it. So I use a couple of these motifs to give the design some dimension and then used the same Kheops to create highlights in the edging.

Helpful Hints

You can certainly experiment with different colour combinations. The colours I chose deliberately make the Kheops beads ‘pop’ against the duller olive green. I extended this colouring into the spiral stitch chain and also the beaded clasp. I chose a Peyote stitch triangular clasp to complement the design.

This project is one that will take you a few sessions to make. But you can easily work on the different elements of the necklace in separate beading sessions.

If you are thinking about trying some different colour combinations, then start by selecting your Kheops colours. Then find pearls that will allow the Kheops to really stand out. You will need the same colour shade of pearl in both 4mm and 6mm. So bear that in mind as you are choosing the beads. The seed beads then need to be in a shade that is similar to the Kheops. For the spiral stitch chain, I mixed size 11 Delicas with size 11 Matsuno beads as the two brands are slightly different in size. So this created a sturdy spiral.

If you have enjoyed this, then I have plenty of other Kheops patterns to try on this website.

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