Silky Bead Tutorial: Cuff Bracelet


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Materials and Techniques

The Silky Bead Tutorial required the following materials:

  • Size 11 Miyuki seed beads
  • Silky beads
  • One-hole lentils
  • Two-hole lentils

Buy the beads for this project from my beading supplies on this website. You can also buy a kit for this bracelet, available in a choice of colours.

You will be using Peyote stitch and herringbone, but the thread paths are very simple. If you wish, you can substitute the beaded clasp with a ready-made clasp.

Suitable for improvers and beyond.

About this Silky Bead Tutorial

I received some Silky beads and lentil beads in my first bead pack from the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. They were both types of bead that I had seen in the shops, but not yet used. So, I was very excited to try them out. This Silky bead tutorial is the result!

I found that both types of bead have a huge amount of natural interest in their different shapes and textures. So, it was possible to do something very simple with them in order to create a fabulous effect.

I added one of my trade-mark beaded clasps, using size 11 Miyuki seed beads, stitched in Peyote stitch. If this is a new idea for you, then do give it a go. You can find free tutorials to download on here in order to help you with the technique. If you prefer not to give this a go, then you can add a shop-bought clasp instead.

Helpful Technical Information

This Silky Bead Tutorial is a great way of getting used to working with multi-holed beads. The thread paths you will be using resemble the basic Peyote stitch and Herringbone thread paths. So, you will feel some familiarity. However, these techniques feel a little different when working with the multiple holes.

If you have never used Silky beads before, then this handy blog will help you avoid any potential pitfalls. These beads are two-holed. However, they also have a ‘front’ with a raised texture and a ‘back’ which is completely smooth. This means it is important to pick the beads up the right way around. Both sides are attractive, but you don’t want to end up mixing them for this project!

The lentil beads are also available in one-hole and two-hole varieties. This bracelet uses both types. If you enjoy working with these beads, then I have some other patterns you can try…follow the recommended links below!

You can buy all the materials you need for this project right here in the beading supplies department of my shop.

If you are wondering about difficulty, don’t worry. This is a lovely project if you are starting out with shaped seed beads. The Silky Beads Tutorial has diagrams and clear text to help you through. I have also included tips and of course the full materials list. So, this is suitable for all.

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