Camera Beaded Box Pattern


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This camera beaded box contains two compartments – the main box with lid and a drawer that forms the lens. So, you can find out more about that later on. First, let me tell you the useful stuff!


You will need:

  • size 10 delicas in black, crystal and a handful in colours for the back screen
  • DiscDuo beads for the buttons
  • Your choice of thread

Please use a thread that will give you good tension. For me, that is Fireline. But I know that can differ for some people. So, use the best for you.

I have all the materials available here in the beading supplies>>

The finished size (width, depth, height) of the camera body is about 2” (5cm) x 1.5” (3cm) x 2” (5cm), using size 10 Delicas. The camera lens (this is a drawer) extends about 2” (5cm), with drawer space of about 1” (3cm)

You could use size 11 Delicas for this project, but it will be more fiddly to make and will end up about two thirds smaller.

Experience and Techniques

You will be using Peyote stitch for the camera beaded box. I have assumed you are already familiar with the basic techniques. So, if this is not the case, check out my free tutorials on here.

You are going to be working in circular and tubular Peyote. Although the techniques are basic, this is a fairly advanced project.

I have included detailed instructions with diagrams and photos to illustrate the steps. Also, I have included a blank pattern so you can design your own screen image.

About the camera beaded box

I designed and made this as a birthday gift for my brother. He is a very talented photographer – you can find his website, where he sells his gorgeous photos here>>

So, as I’ve been developing more ideas for beaded boxes, I suddenly thought of a camera! This allowed me to work on a new concept… a hexagonal drawer! As you can see in the gallery images, the lens section opens as a drawer. The back section has a hinged lid to conceal its storage space.

You’ll be seeing more of my hexagonal drawers soon!

Now, I wanted this to be special for my brother. So, I designed a custom image for the back of his camera. The image on the screen in the pattern is of a tropical seascape. That way, I hope my brother’s gift will remain unique. As I just mentioned, you can also use the enclosed blank pattern paper to design your own image.

I finished the box with DiscDuos for the shutter button and settings on the back of the camera. This may not be entirely accurate, but it is supposed to be a representation of the professional digital cameras like my brother uses.

So, for any other photography enthusiasts out there, I hope you like this!