Beaded Cactus Pattern


For this project you will need wire in three different gauges and size 11 seed beads in green and your choice of flower colour. Buy all the supplies you need in my beading supplies department. You will be using a variation of the Basic French Beading technique. The pattern includes a technique reminder as well as detailed instructions.

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About the Beaded Cactus Pattern

This project uses a variation of the ‘Basic’ French beading technique. The beaded cactus pattern includes a technique reminder. However, you will find this project easier if you are already familiar with French beading.

The flowers are made separately. They use one of the loop techniques. Again, the pattern includes a technique reminder. I also have additional tutorials covering the techniques in the free tutorials department.


You are going to be working with size 11 seed beads. I recommend the Matsuno brand, which you can buy here. You will find it a lot easier to string the number of beads you require if you have a bead spinner.

The beaded cactus pattern uses wire in 20 gauge, 28 gauge and 24 gauge. Your cactus will look more professional if you match or tone the wire colour to your bead colours. I can supply the wire you need, in the colours you require. So, get your wire here.

You will also use wire to add the prickles on the beaded cactus. They are going to feel a little fiddly to add at first. I warn you that they are sharp… So, take care to watch your fingers! And, yes, that is a serious warning.

More Useful Information

I am reliably informed that this type of cactus is called a ‘Rebutia’. It is, in any case, a very distinctive shape. You can add as many flowers as you wish. They just sit around the base of the cactus. So, feel free to interpret this beaded cactus pattern in the way that you like best.

I have found that a beaded cactus makes an excellent gift for a man. If you like this beaded cactus pattern, then you may also be interested in my Prickly Pear pattern as well.

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