Toblerone Beaded Ornament Box Pattern


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This Toblerone beaded ornament box pattern has a little story behind it. But before I get on to that, let me tell you what you need for this project.


I made my Toblerone beaded ornament box using size 10 Delicas. I know some people find these harder to get hold of. So, I do stock them right here (just check out the beading supplies department in the shop menu). And, you can choose whether you want to buy 10g packs, or save a little money with a 50g pack!

Having said that, if you love your size 11s, then use them! So, this project will work just as well with the size 11 Delicas – it will simply come out a little smaller. (I guess about two thirds smaller).

Made with size 10s, the base measures 3″ x 4″ and the Toblerone pieces are just over 2″ high. As you can see from the photos, this size will store a little bead kit. So, that’s a reel of nymo in the small box and a couple of 7.2g tubes of beads in the large box.

Techniques and Experience

The Toblerone beaded ornament box is made entirely from Peyote stitch. So, you will be using circular and tubular Peyote. This means you should feel confident making increases and decreases before you try this box. You should also be familiar with the Peyote stitch step up.

Now, if you’re eyeing up the box, but I’ve just put you off with that, don’t worry… Just pop into the free tutorials section on this website (you’ll find a link in the menu) and you can download free technique tutorials to learn whatever you need to.

I have marked this as an advanced project. There are some tricky bits in there! But don’t be afraid to push yourself. I love it when I hear back from customers who have tried something they found really hard, and succeeded in completing it. So, just believe in yourself and I’m here for support for anyone who needs it.

The Story Behind the Toblerone Beaded Ornament Box

I told you there was a little story behind this design…

Well, I originally designed a beaded Toblerone back in 2012. I had been working on Sweet Treats book and looking for ideas for cakes, chocolates and other Sweet treats to make from beads.

My criteria for a successful subject is that it must have a distinctive shape or distinctive colouring. So, you don’t get much more distinctive in shape than the Toblerone!

I was becoming quite expert at mixing geometric shapes. So, I quickly worked out how to create the Toblerone.

But then, what to do with it? I struggled to turn it into jewellery. I did make a couple of fridge magnets. It works as a key ring. But none of these ideas really satisfied me.

So, my Toblerone has sat in a drawer…until this year. With all the beaded boxes I’ve been making, that seemed to be the obvious solution. Could I turn the Toblerone into a box? Well, yes I can! So, with this project, you get not just one, but two boxes!

The large box is a traditional box and separate lift-off lid. The small piece of Toblerone has a hinged lid for opening. So, now your biggest decision is what to store in yours…?

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