Octopus Beaded Bead Pattern


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My Octopus beaded bead will be number 11 in my 2019 challenge! I’ve been following a small aquatic theme for the past couple of weeks. So, look out on my blog for news about what I did with this little set of beaded beads…

Now, back to the octopus beaded bead pattern…


In a slightly unusual move, I have mixed ordinary seed beads (rocailles) with cylinder beads (AIKO or Delica) for this project. So, you will need the following:

  • size 11 rocailles (round seed beads) in two colours
  • size 11 cylinder beads to match one of the two colours of your seed beads
  • Two demi round in size 8/0 (3mm), or two O beads
  • Your choice of beading thread

Now, I strongly recommend that you use the same brand of beads for all your colours/types in this project. I used TOHO brand. So, that is their round seed beads and their AIKO cylinder beads.

But this should also work with Miyuki round beads and Delica cylinder beads.

The reason I say to stick to one brand is to get the sizing right. You may or may not realise, but a size 11 bead varies in size just a tiny bit from brand to brand. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this blog>>

Experience and techniques

This is an intermediate level project, I think. You will be using circular and tubular Peyote stitch and also tubular Herringbone.

I have explained the techniques in detail, with lots of diagrams to illustrate the thread paths. So, if you are quite new to beading, but happy to learn, you should still be able to manage this project.

About the Octopus Beaded Bead

I have been asking for suggestions for beaded beads as part of that challenge I mentioned. So, the octopus was a special request.

I can’t decide whether this is Otto or Octavia! But either way, it’s head/body measures about 1″ by 1″ and its legs extend down 1-2″ from the head/body.

The design includes a hole for stringing. Although, if you just wanted a cute octopus, you could fill that in and use this as a little ornament.

So, I hope you enjoy making your own octopus. Maybe, like me, you can combine this with some of my other aquatic beaded beads…

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