Beaded Father Christmas Santa Ornament Tutorial


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This beaded Father Christmas Santa ornament is about 5″ high, and a lot of fun to make. So, let me tell you more about him.


You will be working with size 11 seed beads. This project will also work using size 11 Delicas if you prefer. You will just end up with a slightly more angular Santa.

The beaded Father Christmas Santa ornament is fully self-supporting. But, in order to achieve this, you will need to maintain excellent tension throughout. So, you’re going to want to choose thread that helps you do this.

My personal recommendation is for Fireline. But I know some people find they can work better with different threads. So, if you know there is something else that will help you achieve the tension you need, you can use that.

And, if the worst happens, you can also add some stuffing to your ornament to help firm him up!

If you’re interested in learning more about different types of beading thread, check out this blog section.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be working entirely in Peyote stitch. But you will be using some simple free-form to add features like the fur, hair and beard.

The tutorial assumes that you are already familiar with Peyote stitch basics. So, this is aimed at intermediate to advanced beaders, or those who are happy to figure things out and learn as they work.

About the Beaded Father Christmas Santa Ornament

This beading project came about as a result of a request from a customer. She had very much enjoyed making my Nutcracker ornament and contacted me to ask if I could do something similar as a Santa ornament.

I actually can’t think why I haven’t done this anyway! I have made a couple of Santa ornaments in the past: a beaded box, and a Santa’s head bauble decoration. But I had never just done the basic ornament.

So, here we are! This ornament is about 5″ (13cm) high, made with size 11 seed beads. If you choose to make him with Delicas, he will come out a little smaller. He is happy to stand up on his own. But you can also add a hanging loop to hang him as a decoration if you wish.

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