Cubic Right Angle Weave Box: Tooth Fairy Pattern


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This is my first Cubic Right Angle Weave box. I have been toying with the idea of a tooth fairy box for some time. So, this is my first attempt at that too! But I do have more ideas… So, it may not be my last attempt!


For this beaded box you will need size 8 seed beads.

I then added embellishment using size 11 seed beads and pearls. Finally, add labels made with size 11 Delicas. You could also use seed beads for the labels if you wish.

Then, you will need your choice of beading thread. So, use whatever works best for you.

Experience and Techniques

This is a Cubic Right Angle Weave box, so I probably don’t have to explain that you’ll be using CRAW! However, I have assumed that you already know how to work in CRAW. I have included a technique reminder, but not the level of detail that I would use for a beginner.

So, for this reason, I am labelling this as an advanced pattern. Now, if you do need to learn the CRAW technique, you can check out this free tutorial.

Then, I added some embellishment and decoration. Part of this uses even count peyote, following a pattern chart. Again, I have assumed this is a skill you already have. But if you do need help, you can find free tutorials on here for those techniques as well. If you need any more information about any techniques, check this blog>>

The remaining embellishment is freeform. I have explained how I added it, but you can do as you please!

About the Cubic Right Angle Weave Box

I know that CRAW is not a favourite technique of everyone. But when it comes to making beaded boxes, it is certainly worth a look! I make most of my beaded boxes using Peyote stitch. That has been my go-to stitch, but I really want to do more CRAW.

So, this first Cubic Right Angle Weave box from me, will not be my last!

Why is CRAW so good? Well, naturally, the style of the technique lends itself to the geometric shape of a box. But each cube also gives a structure and texture that is great for boxes. Plus, it is more flexible than Peyote in that it allows for so many elements. So, creating this box with two compartments and hinged lid is simple!

The taller of the two boxes is sized to hold a £1 coin or 50p piece. The smaller box will hold a tooth very easily! The finished size is about 3″x2″.

I have also included tips within the pattern to make life easier for you. So, you can tailor your Tooth Fairy box to your little friend or relative and enjoy!

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