Pill Box: Meadow Beaded Box Pattern


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This pill box has a great story behind it. So, let me introduce you to the pattern. Then I’ll give you the story…


The pill box needs the following materials:

  • Size 10 Delicas
  • Forget-me-not beads
  • Size 11 seed beads
  • 9 MiniDuos
  • Your choice of beading thread

Before you ask…no, this won’t work with size 11 delicas I’m afraid. You need the slightly bigger delicas or you will end up with a pill box that is simply too small to hold pills. Plus, you’ll find yourself in a bit of a pickle with lots of fiddly beading, broken beads and broken needles if you try to make this with your 11/0s!

I used two shades of green, just to keep things interesting. But you could use all the same colour if you wish.

You can check out my beading supplies department for all these beads. So, grab your copy of the pattern first… Then you’ll get a receipt with a discount coupon and you can use that to buy your beads! (I like to make things easy and helpful for you if I can).

The pill box measures 3″ wide across the base and 2.5″ high.

Experience and Techniques

This is an advanced beading project. You will be using circular and tubular Peyote stitch, plus some freeform beading. I have assumed that you are already skilled in Peyote. You will also find it helpful if you have made one of my beaded boxes before – the techniques will seem lovely and familiar then!

The story behind the Pill Box…

When I first showed the photos of the Beehive that I entered into Bead Dreams 2018, a lot of people asked me for the pattern. Now, I never planned to publish a pattern for that project (and that hasn’t changed!)…

Firstly, I didn’t take notes or photos as I was making the Beehive. So, I have no materials to write up the pattern.

Secondly, sometimes I like to make something that is going to be just for me.

But I don’t like to disappoint. So, I came up with a compromise. I have already published patterns for each of the little decorative elements on my beehive. I had decided that I would do something with the actual beehive box. So, this is it…

Why would you need a box with seven little compartments (eight actually, but I’ll come back to that!)? Well, how about a fun pill box? So, you can pop your daily dose in each of the six little drawers and the top box with the lid. Then use the space under the top section for any notes or reminders.

I have coloured each drawer with different coloured flowers. So, you can decide which to use for each day of the week. (If you need any hints on colour schemes, try this blog>>) Then, if you want to get all fancy, you can add some extra details.

So, this would be where you try making the bees or flowers or butterfly from my beehive. I’ve linked to those patterns below. I decided to add two of my Dahlia flowers onto my pill box.

But you don’t have to add any extras – the decorated box on its own is quite lovely. So, you choose…

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