Beaded Halloween Decoration Pattern


This beaded Halloween decoration pattern uses a glass bauble as a base and covers it with a spider’s web made with a netting technique. I then added a peyote stitch spider. I chose to bead my spider in a lighter colour that would contrast with the black bauble, but you can always go for a more traditional black spider if you prefer! This project requires seed beads in size 11, round beads or pearls, and bugles and is suitable for intermediate beaders.

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I designed this beaded Halloween decoration after I had started thinking about beaded Christmas baubles. I had been commissioned to create a Christmas bauble design and it occurred to me, why are beaded baubles only used at Christmas? So, I decided it was time to change that!

I designed a Beaded Halloween decoration based on a black bauble base. I could envisage a spider’s web draped over a black bauble. So, I designed this using basic stringing and netting techniques.

I realised that my web then needed a spider to sit on it! Traditionally spiders are black, but I felt this wouldn’t show up too well on the bauble. So, I’ve created a pale silvery-blue spider. Of course, you can personalise your beaded Halloween decoration simply by changing the colour of the spider.

Information about the Beaded Halloween Decoration Pattern

The pattern for this beaded Halloween decoration includes step-by-step written instructions. These are accompanied by diagrams to show thread paths. I have also included photos to show the details of the project.

This is made with basic stringing and netting, plus peyote stitch. I would recommend this pattern for intermediate level beaders. However, if you are just beginning, I recommend you give this a try. If you want to find out more about the techniques you will need, then you can check here before you buy the pattern.

More Ideas

If you are looking for more beaded Halloween decorations, then you might be interested in my miniature beaded Halloween cake. If you aren’t keen on making the entire cake, then the pumpkin from the top can be used on its own. You can be sure that this bauble has inspired more ideas from me. So, I plan on adding some more beaded Halloween decorations and jewellery in the near future!

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