Quadra Tile Beads Circles Necklace Pattern


This stylish necklace is choker length and made with Dome beads, Twin Holes, size 15 seed beads, Quadra Tile beads and pearls. You will make a Peyote stitch clasp, or use a shop-bought clasp if you prefer. Suitable for anyone with some beading experience.

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Quadra Tile Beads Circles Necklace

This necklace is choker length, but could be extended very easily. You will be using quadra tile beads to create the circles that form the front focal section. This may look like a complex design, but in fact the Quadra Tile beads make it very easy to create. You will be combining these with Twin Hole beads and it is this that allows you to create the different layers that give the intricate look to the design. If you are new to working with beads that have multiple holes, this is a good project to try – it uses very simple thread paths. When you are working with the Quadra Tile beads (four holes) and the Twin Hole beads (two holes), you should remember to check that all the holes in each bead are open before you use the bead.

In addition to the Quadra Tile beads and Twin holes, this project will require 3 Dome beads, some size 15 seed beads and pearls in 4mm and 10mm. The pattern gives instructions for making a beaded clasp using Peyote stitch, but if this is not a technique with which you are comfortable, you can very easily use a shop-bought clasp. The sides of the necklace are just strung, so can be attached easily to any type of clasp (you can find some handy tips here). If you are making the clasp, then you will need size 11 delicas for this part of the project. You will not be working in any particular technique – mostly just stringing beads, so although I have labelled this as an intermediate project, it is something that you could try even if you are just starting out in beading.


I created this design to match a particular outfit. I needed something that would sit up at the base of the neck, but the dress for which it was designed is very plain and all one colour. So I wanted to create some interest in the jewellery.

At the time I had been experimenting with Quadra Tile beads, so these allowed me to create the elegant, but intricate circles that just complement my dress perfectly. I chose to keep to a simple colour scheme: the purple to match the dress, but with just a hint of gold in there as I usually wear gold rather than silver jewellery. This project would work well in a huge range of colours though. If you are choosing a different colour scheme, then start by checking which materials have the smallest choice of colour. Pick your favourite and then take the rest of the colour scheme from this. It is very easy to get almost any shade of Delica or size 15 bead, but at the moment the colour choices for Dome beads and Quadra Tiles are a lot more limited.

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