Quadra Tiles Bead Flower Pattern


Quadra Tiles flower pattern shows you how to use Quadra Tiles, Bars, Daggers, Pearls and Tile beads to create flowers. The pattern includes a complete guide to choosing bead colours for your project and demonstrates how to turn your flowers into a necklace. This project is suitable for all levels and is a great way of starting with multiple holed beads.

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My Quadra Tiles Bead Flower necklace is a favourite design of mine. So, let me share a bit more about it…

Quadra Tiles Defined

Quadra Tiles are one of the latest bead releases from the CzechMates beading system designed by Nichole Starman. They look like small flat squares, but they have four holes through each bead – hence the name. This leads to a lot of interesting design possibilities. You can find out more about Quadra Tiles here.

Quadra Tiles Bead Flower  Pattern

This pattern was my first design using the Quadra Tiles beads. I have mixed them with a couple of other beads  from the CzechMates system: Bar Beads and either Teardrops or Daggers.

You will also need some 4mm pearls. Then, if you are planning to make the whole necklace or link your flowers in any way, you will want some Tile Beads. Although you can get Tile beads or Tila beads from various manufacturers, the CzechMates system have been designed to work together. So, you are best to use their brand of Tile beads.


The Quadra Tiles bead flower pattern is very simple to follow – you are basically just going to be threading beads, so this should be suitable for all levels. If you have never used beads with multiple holes before, then this is a very simple way to get started. The Quadra Tiles bead flower design explore how you can mix beads and use the multiple holes to create layers and give your project dimension.

More Ideas…

Quadra TilesWhen I was creating my Quadra Tiles necklace, I was working from a series of sample packets. So, I only had limited numbers of beads in each variety.

This led me to try a different colour combination for each flower. Now, this is great if you have a small number of beads leftover in various colours… But if you are buying the beads specially for this project, you may want to focus on just one colour.

I have therefore given you a guide to choosing a colour scheme. It explains how to pick you focal colour in the pearl beads. Then use that choice to guide you to the colouring for your Quadra Tiles, Bars and petal beads.

I also included detailed photos in the pattern showing both the front and back of the flowers. So, this will help you to see how my colour choices worked. Basically, this is a great pattern for developing your skills and creativity!

If you want to try more designs with the Quadra Tiles, then check out this link >>