Crescent Beads Spacers Bracelet


For this project you will need Crescent beads, True2 beads, size 11 Delicas and 8mm firepolish or round beads. Add your choice of clasp – or bead a clasp – to complete the design. This is suitable for all levels.

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About the Crescent Beads Bracelet

This design came about as I was using up some leftover Crescent Beads. I was working on projects for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad and I thought I would see if I could come up with a quick motif to use up odd beads. The spacers you see here are the result.

I combined the Crescent beads with True2 and Delicas to create each spacer. The thread paths are simple and the instructions show everything step-by-step with photos to accompany each step.

The Pattern

The full pattern instructions also show you how I turned my Spacers into a bracelet. I found that 8mm beads are the perfect size to snuggle in between the Spacers. I chose to use a beaded clasp to complete my design. You can find the instructions for this in my book, ‘Beaded Clasps‘. Any kind of bracelet clasp would work well though. If you are new to jewellery making and want a few tips for choosing the perfect clasp, then this is a great blog.

I chose to use Firepolish beads as they just look stunning and really add to the design. I have included the exact colouring for all the materials I used. If you cannot find materials identical to mine, you can make substitutions for some. You should really stick to the Crescent beads, True2 and Delicas, but of course you can choose any colours you prefer. For the focal beads, as long as you use 8mm in size, any bead will do. Maybe you want to think about pearls for an elegant touch, or crystals if you want a bit of sparkle.

If you’re wondering how I used up my other Crescent beads, then this necklace pattern certainly took quite a few of them! They combine so well with other beads and look great singly or in groups. So I hope these designs inspire you to work more with Crescent beads in future.