Netted Bracelet Pattern


Use basic netting with seed beads and crystals to make a netted bracelet with a picot edge. You can fasten it with your choice of clasp. The pattern includes diagrams and photos to illustrate the instructions. It is suitable for all levels.

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Netted Bracelet

I designed this netted bracelet pattern to introduce some of my students to flat netting. The design uses seed beads and crystals to make it easy to understand the thread path. If you have not done any netting before, then it is a technique that basically uses loops of beads to create rows. Each new row is added by forming another loop that links through the centre of the loops from the previous row, so by using a contrasting bead to mark these links, it is very easy to see what you are doing. If you want to find out more about netting, you can read more here.

Helpful information

In a flat piece of netting, there are a few different ways to turn around at the end of a row. For this netted bracelet, I have used a picot edge method, so the crystals will form a frill along the two sides of the bracelet. I used a strongly contrasting colour scheme, but this design works well in all sorts of combinations. You might like to try using seed beads and crystals in a similar colour. The contrast that keeps the design interesting will then come from the different shapes of the beads, rather than the colour.

I finished my netted bracelet with a pair of magnetic clasps, but I have also recommended alternative clasps in the pattern. The design is about 2″ (5cm) wide, so it will be best with either a long clasp or with two clasps, rather than a single clasp in the centre. As with the colouring, you can experiment with different clasps. Just think about what will also be easy to fasten and unfasten.

This netted bracelet pattern is available for your personal use, so you can make this design for yourself or to give to friends. If you would like to use it for another purpose, then please email me to check first – thank you. I hope you enjoy it!