Beaded Four-Leaf Clover Charm Pattern


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I designed this beaded four-leaf clover as decoration for one of the cakes in my book, ‘Beaded Cakes in Miniature‘. That was back in 2010! So, this year, as I was thinking about St Patrick’s Day, just around the corner, I decided I should publish the pattern.


You can make these beaded four-leaf clover charms with any type of seed bead.

I used size 11 Delicas for the charm that you see. This came out just slightly under 1″ (2.5cm) across.

So, I’m guessing that with size 10 Delicas it would be about 30% larger.

I think size 8 seed beads would make a charm that is nearer to 2″ (5cm). While, size 11 seed beads would come out just a little bigger than the size 11 Delicas.

Of course, you could go even smaller and use size 15s!

If you are new to beading and want to get some perspective on how the bead sizes vary, then check out this blog.

In addition to the beads, you just need beading thread.

Techniques and Experience

I made the beaded four-leaf clover charm using mostly brick stitch. I had to do a little fiddling with thread paths to create the shaping, but it’s all very simple.

So, I have used a diagram and words to explain each step and all the thread paths involved.

As the explanation is so detailed, I think this project could be completed by anyone from beginner to advanced level.

Ideas for using beaded four-leaf clover charms

Really, it’s entirely up to you how you use your beaded four-leaf clover charms. So, let your imagination run free…

But, here are a few suggestions to get your started…

You could use them to decorate a St Patrick’s Day gift. Or, for that matter, add them to a Good Luck gift at any time of the year.

You might also like to turn them into earrings, or attach them to a charm bracelet. This would be great jewellery to bring good luck to anyone.

So, what will you do with your charms?

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