Beaded Christmas Baubles Pattern


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This tutorial shows you how to make beaded Christmas baubles in two sizes. They are completely self-supporting. So, all you need are seed beads and thread. The larger size is about 6cm in diameter (that’s around 2.25″). The smaller size is about 4cm (around 1.5″). So, they’re perfect for any Christmas tree. Let me give you a few more details…


You need size 11 seed beads for these beaded Christmas baubles. Make sure to use the rounded seed beads, not delicas or any other brand of cylinder bead. Usually, I would be recommending delicas for a project like this. But, in this instance, they won’t allow you to create the rounded shape.

I recommend mixing up four colours for each bauble. The tutorial explains how to do this and how to create different patterns.

I have included my exact colour combinations. But I also invite you to choose your own. So, if you’re a little scared of picking colours, or putting together a good colour scheme, I can help… I run an online class that you can join at any time. It’s specifically set up to show you a super-easy method for creating colour schemes that work every time. So, if that sounds good, here’s the link to the class.

You also need your favourite beading thread. Use something that will allow you to get really firm tension.

Experience and Techniques

This is a purely Peyote stitch project. It is probably best if you already have some knowledge of Peyote stitch. You’re going to be working in the circular form of the technique.

For anyone who needs additional help, I also run an online class that gives video demonstrations of all the techniques in this project. So, the tutorial explains how to get access to that if you need it.

About the Beaded Christmas Baubles

Throughout 2020, I’ve been exploring 3D forms and also bead colour combinations. So, this project proved a lovely way to continue that exploration.

In the past, I’ve created some patterns for adding decorative beadwork to shop-bought glass baubles. (You can find all those patterns in my beaded Christmas section). But I thought how lovely it would be to just make a bauble from seed beads.

So, this pattern gives you detailed (12 pages) instructions for making self-supporting baubles. I’ve shown you how to create colouring and different pattern effects as well.

It takes just a few hours to make a bauble. So, I’m planning on making a lot and decorating my whole Christmas tree (eventually). I’ll be adding in the beaded lanterns as well!

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