Beaded Candy Cane Pattern: Mini Mushrooms, Superduos


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This beaded candy cane pattern shows you how to work a double Cellini Spiral. The Mini Mushroom beads add gorgeous texture.


You will need the following materials for this beaded candy cane pattern:

  • Size 11 seed beads – 5g
  • Size 8 seed beads – 15g
  • Superduos – 15g
  • Mini Mushroom beads – 3 strands
  • Beading thread

I have all these materials on sale in the beading supplies department. The candy cane is about 6″ (15cm) long and the spiral width is about 1″ (2.5cm).

Techniques and Experience

The beaded candy cane pattern is basically a Cellini spiral. However, I have used the Superduos to create a layered effect.

As long as you feel reasonably happy with Cellini spiral, or even just with Tubular Peyote stitch, you should be fine with this project.

Background to the beaded candy cane pattern

I created this beaded candy cane pattern as part of my work with the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. If you know my work, then you will know this isn’t the first time I’ve made candy canes. In fact, if you want to try some other variations, you can find plenty in my ebook, Beaded Christmas Decorations.

Something about them fascinates me. The other thing that fascinates me is using multi-holed seed beads to create layers.

So, in this project, I wanted to experiment a bit further with the idea of Superduo layers in spirals. Now, I also had a pack of red Mini Mushrooms. These are delightful to use. They nestle together beautifully and I love the shape and texture that they create.

So, guess what? I was delighted to find that Mini Mushrooms and Superduos are a perfect fit. Once I had established how the beads would sit together, I simply had to work out the colouring.

Of course, the classic red and white is the natural choice for a candy cane. The big decision is picking which beads need to be in which colour to create the most effective spiral. So, I hope you like the selection I’ve chosen. If not, you can always try switching things around!

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