Mini Mushroom Beads

Mini Mushroom beads measure about 5x6mm. In this section, I have all the beading patterns and projects that use these beads. Plus, I sell the beads themselves. So, browse through and pick a project and some materials to try.

What are Mini Mushroom Beads?

These are a type of shaped seed bead with a smooth rounded top. So, you can use them in your beadwork to give a similar effect to pearls or round beads. However, the back of the bead, with the hole, is tapered. So, they will fit seamlessly with other seed beads.

I love using them in traditional bead-weaving techniques. I find these Mini Mushroom beads add lovely texture. Plus, they are available in a great range of colours. So, you can try using them in the patterns I have designed.

Or, maybe you want to have a go at creating your own project? In which case, just take advantage of my beading supplies. So, what are you waiting for? I think you will love these fabulous beads! Go ahead and browse the collection now.

If you need any more information, just drop me an email. I’m always happy to help!

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Showing all 6 results