Fire and Water Beaded Box Pattern


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This fire and water beaded box was my first experiment with hexagon shaped drawers. But, before I tell you about that, let’s look at what you will need…


You will need the following materials for your fire and water beaded box:

  • Two 14mm Rivolis
  • Around 100g total of size 10 delicas in 10 colours
  • 6g size 11 delicas (in two colours)
  • 2g size 15 delicas (in two colours)
  • About 3g of SuperDuos in two colours
  • 28 GemDuos
  • 64 StormDuos
  • 8 IrisDuos
  • Your choice of beading thread

I personally like to use Fireline and I used 4lb weight for this project. But you can use your own personal choice of beading thread – just make sure it will give you good tension as you work.

If you prefer to just get a kit for this project, I have one available here>> I appreciate this requires a variety of different beads. So, you may not have everything in your stash and you may not want to shop around for all these separately.

The finished box measures: 5″ long, 2″ diameter. The drawers extend out just over 2″ each end.

Experience and Techniques

You are going to be using some basic RAW to bezel the rivolis. The majority of the box is made with circular and tubular Peyote. The embellishment is basically just stringing.

This is an advanced project with some tricky parts. So, you should be confident and experienced before attempting this.

The story behind the Fire and water beaded box

Basically, I wanted to try making a box with hexagonal shaped drawers. Because, well, why not? I thought it would be something different.

The theme just popped into my head. I googled fire and water images and kept seeing the blue/white melting into red/gold in various forms. So, I thought this could be the basis for a fire and water beaded box with two drawers.

The project took longer to complete than I originally anticipated. I think I just kept growing the scope as I worked. But the result is a very attractive pair of drawers that will hold quite a lot of stuff.

You will also get the chance to have some fun with a few shaped seed beads (just simple ideas – nothing too fancy!) and some embellishment. So, how adventurous are you feeling? And which is stronger in you: fire or water…?

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