Lipstick Needle Case Beaded Box Pattern


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This lipstick needle case beaded box is both fun to make and practical to use. So, let me tell you more about it.


Your lipstick needle case beaded box requires size 11 Delica beads in four colours. (The pattern will give you the exact quantities and the colours that I used).

You will also need an empty plastic tube from a 7.2g tube of Miyuki beads. Very likely, your Delicas will come in such a tube, so you can use that! If they don’t, or if you don’t have the right size of tube, I have included an alternative solution.

I simply used the tube to provide safe storage space for the needles. It doesn’t affect the box structure. So, I have given you another way to keep the needles safe inside the needle case.

Apart from that, you just need your favourite beading thread. This should be something that gives you good tension. If you do need any beads or thread, you can find all these in my beading supplies department, here>>

You can change all the colours to suit your tastes. Plus, I have included some blank graph paper. So, if you want to design your own pattern around the lipstick case, you can.

Experience and Techniques

This is quite a straightforward beaded box, so I think it is suitable for intermediate beaders (and beyond). You will be making the lipstick needle case beaded box in sections.

All the sections use Peyote stitch. For the shaping at the top of the lipstick, you will also need to use a little basic brick stitch. I have included links to free technique tutorials within the pattern. So, if you come across any terms or techniques you don’t understand, you can just use that free material to learn.

About the lipstick needle case beaded box

Those of you who know my work will know that my mind works in mysterious ways! I was inspired to make this after watching someone take out a lipstick case and apply their lipstick. I have no idea why, but I thought, ‘wouldn’t that make a great box?’ Then, I thought how fun it would be to turn it into a needle case.

So, the trickiest part has been working out how to get the lipstick shape at the top. Hopefully I managed it!

Your needles will stay safe in here because of the double lid system. So, the box lid (lipstick lid) pulls off to reveal the lipstick below. It has a nice tight fit, so won’t fall off on its own. Then, I have hinged the top of the lipstick. So, just lift the lid and your needles are stored safely inside!

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