Katies Kube Beaded Box Tutorial


  • This PDF Tutorial gives you 14 pages of instructions to make the beaded box shown
  • It is supplemented with optional online video demonstrations if you need to learn the CRAW techniques used
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Well, by popular demand, I have now created a tutorial for my Katies Kube Beaded Box. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, I blogged about it here. But you can read that later on. Right now, it’s more important to answer the questions you probably have before you decide to go ahead and purchase the tutorial.

What materials do I need?

This is the simple part! You just need size 11 seed beads (NOT Delicas). And, because this is made with CRAW (more on that later), you can actually use seed beads that are slightly less regular.

Translation: although the project requires a large quantity of beads, you don’t have to buy the most expensive brand. In the tutorial, I have also given you some tips about choosing your materials, to help you save some money.

You will also need Fireline beading thread in 4lb weight. Again, I’ve explained why in the tutorial. If you are worried about the cost of this, did you know that Fireline is actually just a fishing line? So, you can get larger sized reels in fishing tackle shops, and they are usually much cheaper than what you will find in bead shops!

What techniques will I be using?

Just Cubic Right Angle Weave!

Before you panic…although I have written the tutorial with the assumption that you already know how to work in CRAW, I have thought of another way to help you.

I have prepared three stand-alone online courses that you can use to learn the techniques I used to make my Katies Kube Beaded Box. You might even like to try these courses if you’re not planning on making this box. They will take you from beginner level to advanced in CRAW.

Again, I have options for you. If you really need a lot of help and want to use all three courses, I have bundled them together in a package that will save you money versus buying each on their own. So, here is the link to that bundle.

If you already have some skills, then you might not need to use all the courses. So, you can just use whatever you need, getting them singly. You can view them all at this link.

But, you don’t need to buy any courses just yet. In fact, I recommend you just get the tutorial now. Have a read through and see if you will need any extra help. If you are already happy working in CRAW, then you can probably make this just from the PDF tutorial here.

About the Katies Kube Beaded Box

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what inspired the idea for this box! But what I’ve ended up with isn’t a Rubik’s Cube. It doesn’t have the mechanism of that brilliant 1980s toy. And, it doesn’t even have to use the same colouring. You can adapt this as you wish.

The finished Katies Kube Beaded Box measures 3″ (8cm) in each direction. So, it’s comfortable to hold in your hand. Each of the 26 little boxes will hold something small, like a jelly bean – or two – as you can see in this video…