French Beaded Lavender Pattern


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This French beaded Lavender pattern is quick and easy to make. It is great as a filler flower in a larger arrangement.


Your French beaded Lavender pattern uses the following:

  • Size 11 seed beads in mauve mix
  • 28ga (0.315mm) wire in mauve
  • Stem stiffening wire
  • Floral stem tape
  • Embroidery silk

You can find all these materials in my beading supplies department here>>

As with all French beading projects, you will need wire cutters. I also recommend using a bead spinner. Although, you can thread your beads by hand if you wish. You can find out more about bead spinners here>>

Experience and Techniques

This is a lovely beginner level project. You are just going to be using one simple technique: the four row crossover.

If you are new to French beading and wanting to learn how to make more flowers, then I also have a couple of ebooks you may enjoy. Between them they cover all the main French beading techniques. They also give you a lot of fabulous flower patterns that aren’t available anywhere else. So, I have linked to them both down below.

About the French beaded lavender pattern

This is one of my oldest French beading designs. So, I made it back when I was still learning. It has taken me several years to get around to publishing my pattern, though!

You can have a little fun with the colouring on this. I decided to use a ‘bead soup’ mix of shades of mauve/purple. I felt this gave my lavender flowers a more realistic look. But you could just use a single colour if you wish.

If you do decide to go for the bead soup variation, then this blog tells you a lot about creating different colouring effects in French beading.

Then, once you have your flowers, they look lovely in a small arrangement, like mine. I just added in some stephanotis for interest. Or, you can scatter them among larger flowers to act as a sweet filler.

You might even like to try adding some lavender essential oil to the flower stems. Then they will even smell realistic!

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