Rulla Beads Necklace Pattern


For this project you will need a glass cabochon, size 11 Miyuki seed beads, Rulla beads, pellet beads and silky beads. You will be using herringbone, peyote and simple stringing to make this necklace. Suitable for intermediate level.

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About the Rulla Beads Necklace

I designed this necklace for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad after receiving a pack of rulla beads. This was the first time I had used these beads, but I immediately fell in love with them. They work in a similar way to Superduos, but they look like perfect little columns, so I loved the way they appear when used both flat and on end. The Rulla beads’ two-hole design also makes them very flexible when it comes to creating layers in a design. I used this flexibility as I beaded around the cabochon, so I made a very quick casing for this beautiful piece of glass. I mixed in the Silky beads and pellet beads to add a little interest in texture and shape. One of the things I particularly like about the Rulla beads, and several of the other multi-hole beads, is that you can create a design that looks very complex, but the thread path is basically just simple stringing. This is the case with this cabochon.

I decided to use the Rulla beads to create a simple chain for the necklace. By mixing them in with Miyuki seed beads I was able to use a kind of herringbone thread path to create the herringbone effect. I completed the necklace with a beaded clasp, a design from my book, ‘Beaded Clasps’. If you prefer, you could use a normal shop-bought clasp.

This project is a great way to experiment with some of the new bead shapes. I used a strongly contrasting colour scheme, but the design would also work well in a monochromatic scheme, perhaps pastels or natural colours instead of the bold colours I chose. If you like this design, you can see more of my Beadsmith Inspiration Squad designs in the gallery pages, all with links to the patterns. Or why not follow my Beadsmith board on Pinterest?


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