Infinity Beads Pattern


For this project you will need Infinity Beads, size 11 delicas and O beads. The design also works really well with Rullas instead of the Infinity Beads. You will be working in RAW and embellishing. Suitable for advanced beaders.

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About the Infinity Beads Pattern

This Infinity beads pattern makes little beaded beads that look fantastic when strung with spacer beads to make a necklace or bracelet.

It is an advanced beading pattern. You will be using Cubic Right Angle weave to make the basic structure. Then, add embellishment with O beads and size 11 delicas.

This was one of the first things I made with Infinity beads. I was trying to experiment with ways in which their two-hole structure could be used to create a three-dimensional effect.

The infinity beads pattern may seem complex at first, but you can greatly help yourself by using contrasting colours of beads. The instructions suggest how – for your first few attempts. It is a pattern that is based on logic. So once you have made a couple of beaded beads, you will get to understand the logic behind the design. It is then really, really simple. I make these beaded beads in just 15 minutes each!


You will be using Infinity beads (obviously!), size 11 delicas and O beads. Each beaded bead requires just a few Infinity beads. So just a single tube will go a long way. Or this is a great way of using up some leftovers from other projects.

If you don’t have any infinity beads, then don’t worry. I confess I got quite addicted to these little beaded beads. They’re very satisfying to make and I think they look stunning…certainly my necklace always gets a lot of admiration when I wear it! So I wondered if the infinity beads pattern would work with other two-holed beads.

The results were mixed. It didn’t work with Superduos, but it did work just fine with Rullas and also with both sizes of Infinity beads. As you can see from the gallery images, the Rullas give it a different look, which I rather like.

So, get to grips with the design and then have some fun playing around with different colour combinations. I finished all my Infinity beaded beads jewellery with beaded clasps from my book ‘Beaded Clasps‘.