Beaded Flamingo Necklace Pattern


For this project you will just need size 11 Delicas and a 14mm Rivoli. You will be working mainly in Peyote stitch. This is suitable for all levels, but please read the full product description below for more details.

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I have been exploring two things with this beaded Flamingo necklace. Firstly, I have discovered that I’m quite addicted to Peyote patterns! By this, I mean using Peyote stitch to draw pictures. If you follow me, then you will have noticed all the beaded pens appearing. So, after making these, I began to look at other ways I could use my Peyote pictures.

Secondly, I can’t seem to get myself away from whimsical designs. Is there anything wrong with that? No! Actually, it turns out that whimsy is right on trend in the craft world at the moment. More than that, there are a few themes that seem to be dominant in 2017. Believe it or not, one of those is flamingos. So, I decided the world needs some beaded Flamingo projects. (Yes, I do mean plural – I have another one up my sleeve…!)

How Difficult is the Beaded Flamingo Necklace?

I would say that this project will suit most levels. For starters, you are working in the easiest variation of Peyote, even count. I have combined this with a simple bezelled Rivoli and a basic beaded rope. So, this might be sounding like a beginner level project. Yes, as a beginner, you can definitely tackle all these stitches with ease. The beaded Flamingo necklace pattern gives really comprehensive diagrams and written steps. If this is not enough, then you can find some free tutorials to cover the basic techniques.

However, as you will have noticed, the beaded Flamingo section is made by following a Peyote chart. If you know anything about beading, you might think this is a slightly trickier thing to do. In fact, I’ve included detailed row-by-row instructions to guide you through this. These are in an appendix. So, if you’re a bead-weaving master, just whip your way through the chart and ignore the appendix!

So, how would I answer the question I just raised? Experienced beaders will enjoy this because it has enough challenge to keep them interested, but it won’t be tying them up in knots. Beginner or improver level beaders will be able to follow this pattern. In doing so, they will learn a range of fabulous new techniques.

What Materials do I Need?

This is the second logical question when you are debating whether or not to buy a pattern. Is it going to end up costing me loads to get the materials?

Well, for this beaded Flamingo necklace, you just need size 11 Delicas in four colours, a 14mm Rivoli and a clasp of your choice. If you know how to make beaded clasps, then you can forget the clasp and make your own beaded clasp using your Delica beads. (If this sounds like a great idea, but you don’t know how, then try my book, Beaded Clasps).

So, this is a very traditional project, using traditional materials that you most probably have in your stash already.

I hope that tells you all you need. Lastly, I hope you have as much fun making your own version of my beaded Flamingo necklace as I had in designing it!

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