Sunflower Beaded Beads


For this project you will need size 11 Matsuno seed beads in size 11, in yellow, brown and green. You will be working in Peyote stitch and brick stitch. This pattern is suitable for intermediate beaders and beyond.

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Sunflower Beaded Beads Pattern

This pattern teaches you how to make sunflower beaded beads. You can string them into a necklace, or use them for any kind of ornamentation.

Start by using circular and tubular Peyote stitch to cover a wooden bead. Then add a layer of brick stitch to provide a foundation for two layers of sunflower petals.

The pattern includes 3 pages of instructions with diagrams. However, it assumes a good working knowledge of circular and tubular Peyote with increasing and decreasing. If you need a reminder, then you can find a free tutorial covering these techniques here.

About the Design

The sunflower beaded bead is one of my oldest designs. It was originally published in the Beadworker’s Guild journal and I had made the beads into a necklace. In fact, it made the front cover of that issue of the journal, much to my surprise!

I love making beaded beads and flowers seem to really lend themselves to this idea. So, if you enjoy making the sunflower beaded beads, then I have a couple of other patterns that I can recommend. You might like to try my daisy beaded bead bracelet which uses the beaded beads to create the clasp.

Or, if you want something a little simpler, then how about a daisy key ring? For another simple flower, I used dagger beads to create petals in this beaded bead design. I’ve got a couple more suggestions at the bottom of this post. Now, I haven’t had a lot of luck in growing real sunflowers, but I do love the way they are just a bit of sunshine. So, with my sunflower beaded beads jewellery, I can take that sunshine with me wherever I go, all year round!