Butterfly Beaded Beads Pattern


Use tubular and flat peyote stitch to make these beaded butterfly beads. You can use either ordinary seed beads or Delicas for this project. You will need size 8 and 11 seed beads or size 11 Delicas with size 11 rocailles. Suitable for anyone who enjoys Peyote.

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Beaded Butterfly

I designed this pattern by request and a version of it appeared in Bead and Jewellery Magazine. It has also proved to be a popular workshop.

You will be using tubular Peyote stitch to make a hollow body for your beaded butterfly. Then work in flat Peyote to add the wings. This pattern works well with different types of seed beads.

The beaded butterfly instructions are written in detail and they will explain which bead combinations to use. But the body shaping is achieved by switching bead sizes. So you will either need rocailles in sizes 8 and 11 or Delicas and rocailles in size 11. If you find this idea confusing, I have written a handy blog which explains the difference between bead sizes and brands. You can find it here.

Beading Tips

I mentioned that the beaded butterfly has a hollow body. This allows it to be strung like a beaded bead, so I have used my butterflies to make a bracelet and also a necklace.

The pattern will also teach you how to add different patterns to the wings. It is easiest to start with plain wings (although these look great made with a bead mix – just a little tip for you!). Then when you feel happy with the technique, you can start to experiment with colouring.

I designed some beaded butterflies with spotty wings and some with contrasting wing tips. But you have plenty more options if you enjoy experimenting.

If you are looking to create a really summery piece of jewellery, you might like to combine the beaded butterfly design with some beaded flowers. I have plenty from which to choose. If you are looking for something simple to work with an existing stash of seed beads, then these rizo bead flowers are a great idea. Or you might prefer to try something a little more adventurous with this Dome Bead flower.

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