Floral Peyote Bangles


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This floral Peyote bangles pattern shows you how to make a tubular peyote bangle incorporating a floral design. I have included the basic variation. However, you can also make an alternative bangle using Magatama beads with size 8 seed beads.

If you don’t like bangles, then the instructions also tell you how to attach a clasp to make a conventional bracelet. This project is a great follow on from my beginner’s peyote bangles, or a great way to improve your tubular peyote skills.

What Experience do I need?

When I wrote the floral Peyote bangles pattern, I realised I had to explain it one row at a time. So, this means you will be following tubular Peyote from basics. If this idea still scares you and you feel you would like some extra support, I have a free tutorial here. That will explain how tubular Peyote works. However, it is not essential as this pattern does not assume you already know what you’re doing!

I have also used bigger beads to make my floral Peyote bangle. So, if you are just starting out, this will really help you. If you are an experienced beader, then you can try my second variation.

After I had made the basic bangle, I decided to see what would happen if I gave the flowers 3-D petals. So, I replaced some of the seed beads with Magatama beads. Alternatively, you can try Rizo beads or Drop beads for this.

I will talk a little more about the materials below.

Materials for the floral peyote bangles

Basically, you just need size 8 seed beads for this. As I have just mentioned, these are good sized seed beads. So, you won’t be struggling to see the beads.

If you feel like experimenting, you are very welcome to see what happens if you use larger or smaller beads. I know this will immediately make a thinner or fatter bangle. However, I am interested to know whether the structure will still work. So, please share your experiments!

I mentioned Magatama or Rizo beads above. These are both types of seed beads. They are similar to dagger or teardrop shape. So, I think this makes them perfect for petals. I picked the Magatamas because their hole size sits well with the size 8 seed beads. Again, you are free to experiment with some ideas of your own.

If you decide to make the bangle into a ‘normal’ bracelet with a clasp, then you will also need to buy a clasp. Or, you could make a beaded clasp. I like to use toggle clasps or magnetic clasps for bracelets. The pattern will give you a bit more advice. You can also find a free tutorial about adding clasps to jewellery. So, check out the free tutorials section in the BeadShop for that.