Beginner’s Pattern for Herringbone Twin Hole Bracelet


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This beginner’s pattern for Herringbone is perfect for anyone who is just beginning to use Twin Hole or Superduo beads. It teaches a basic Herringbone weave using a thread path for the two holed beads.

You can choose from an option of three different clasps. One of them is in this pattern for a beaded bead.


You will need Twin Hole or Superduo beads and size 15 seed beads.

Usually, I wouldn’t recommend using Twin Holes and Superduos interchangeably. But in this case, it is perfectly fine. Just make sure you keep to a single variety. So, if you are thinking of mixing colours, make sure all of them are in the same type of bead.

If you want to try a fabulous variation, then use Superduo Duets! These are brilliant in Herringbone weave as they incorporate colour for you. Buy the Duets right here.

Tips for the Beginner’s Pattern for Herringbone

I hesitated when I elected to call this a beginner’s herringbone pattern for the two-holed beads. You see, if you are a literal beginner, you may find the materials for this a little tricky. Or you may not!

The thing about any beginner’s pattern for herringbone or any other stitch, is that some people will take to it and others won’t. This has very little to do with your level of experience. It is simply that everyone finds some things easier than others.

So, why did I decide to label this for beginners? Well, when I started to teach the project, I found that everyone coped well with it. The thread path is simple.

Although you are using two-holed beads, the herringbone technique is really straightforward. Even the tiny seed beads work fine because you are just stringing them.

So, I hope you will give this project a try. You will enjoy it and it is a great way to get to know some different beads.