Arcos Montee Sparkle Bracelet Pattern


For this project you will need seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8, Superduos, Arcos, Minos and Swarovski Montees. You will be working in basic Right Angle Weave and bead stringing. I used a Peyote clasp, but you can add your own choice of clasp if you prefer. Suitable for intermediate and beyond.

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About the Arcos Montee Sparkle Bracelet

This design was created for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad, so all the beads it uses are available from your local Beadsmith stockist. I wanted to make the most of the unusual thread path on the Montee beads to mix with the three-holed Arcos beads. If you know your beads, then you will know that Arcos and Minos come as a pairing. They were designed to work together, although of course both can be used on their own and mix well with other seed beads. In this case, I employed Superduos to add a different dimension to the work. The end result is a stylish bracelet in which the Arcos give a distinctive repetitive pattern and the Montees lend a little sparkle.

If you haven’t yet worked with the beads I have named, then here are a few pointers. Arcos beads are semi-circular in shape, with three holes that move sideways through the bead, at top, middle and bottom. The Minos have been designed to nestle inside a pair of Arcos, or to link between them across the top and bottom. As with any multi-holed bead, you need to check that all the holes are empty before you start using the Arcos. Beyond that, they come in great range of colours and, I think, really add impact to a design. The Swarovski Montees have all the sparkle that we’ve come to expect from Swarovski, but they are fascinating to use because of their thread path. The crystal is nestled inside a backing – the Montee – which has thread channels from right to left and top to bottom, allowing for a criss-cross thread path through the bead. This may all sound very complicated, but in fact, the beauty of these multi-holed shaped beads means that you can achieve complex looking design effects using simple thread paths. The instructions for this project are accompanied by clear step-by-step diagrams, so you should have no trouble in creating your own Arcos sparkling bracelet.


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