Twin Hole Beads: Wave Bracelet Pattern


Use Twin Hole or Superduo beads with 1.8mm cubes and 4mm faceted beads to make this attractive wave pattern. Suitable for improvers and intermediate or above.

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Twin Hole Beads Wave Pattern

Use twin hole beads to create a wave shape. Combine your Twin Hole beads with 1.8mm cubes and 4mm faceted beads. The Twin hole beads do not interlock in this project. So, you can use Superduos instead for this pattern.

If you are new to working with two-holed beads, you can read a blog about them here. It explains how different manufacturers produce these beads and sell them under different brands. Although very similar, there are tiny differences in size. This makes it difficult to interchange the brands and still have the beads sit correctly in some patterns.

Techniques, Experience and Tips

The thread path you will be using for this twin hole wave is simple: basically just stringing. However, you add the waves around one another. So the project can become a little fiddly as the bracelet grows. If you are very new to beading, you may want to wait until you are happy working with small beads before you try this pattern. However, if you have the patience and determination, there is no reason why you cannot master this at any level.

Remember to check both holes in each of the Twin Hole beads, before you add them. For this project you will be working with just one hole on each bead to start with. Then working back using the second hole. So if you find the second hole is blocked you will have to undo a lot of work in order to remove the problematic bead. It is always worth trying to unblock the hole in a bead as it can often be caused by a small piece of glass jammed inside. If this is the case, the glass will easily push out. Just take care not to break the bead as you push through the hole!

This pattern gives you a couple of colour options. The three colourway variation makes it easier to see what you are doing when you start. However, the design also looks lovely in a single colour. You can buy materials from me. Just check out the beading supplies section in the beadshop. If you want advice on colouring, I am happy to help!