Floral Netted Necklace Pattern


For this project you will need wooden beads, size 10 delicas, seed beads and little pressed glass flower beads. You will be working in netting. The project is suitable for all levels. Please read the full product description below.

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Use a basic netting technique to make three beaded beads and decorate them with floral glass beads. Combine with a netted rope and a strung section to create this asymmetrical necklace. You can fasten the floral netted necklace between any of the wooden beads. This allows you to alter the length and create a longer or shorter drop, depending on the outfit you are wearing.

You will need size 10 delicas, size 11 seed beads, wooden beads, Czech glass flowers and some spacer beads, plus findings for this project. It is suitable for anyone with experience of netting or anyone who would like to give this technique a try. It makes a beautiful addition to your spring or summer wardrobe.

Inspiration behind my floral netted necklace

After I had created my Snowman Christmas decoration, I went through a phase of making beaded beads with netting. I found something about the technique was very satisfying and I couldn’t get enough of it! So, I wanted to make some jewellery with these beautiful netted beads.

I also have a confession to make. At times, I just want a piece that looks stunning, but doesn’t take forever to make. When I made this necklace, I had that thought in mind. So, I thought about the ‘quick and dirty’ methods I know for making jewellery. Stringing is always a good option. Plus beaded beads are great for stringing, but I knew I wanted something a bit more interesting.

Asymmetry is always fun. If you know my jewellery, then you will know I often use asymmetry in my work. So, I took these ideas and put them together as I created my floral netted necklace. I ended up with a design that is part strung, part beaded and uses really simple techniques throughout. Plus, the clever fastening feature means you can alter the length of the necklace. I love design surprises like that!

The Benefits For You

Well, apart from a really stunning pieces of jewellery, this design also gives you a simple project. Because you are making different sections in different stages, you can pick this up and put it down. I love working this way as it means I can use the beading to fill small chunks of time. Each part takes a relatively short time, so you can complete it in a session and not worry about finding your place when you pick it up again next time.

You also get to try some fun techniques. If you are learning, then you are going to be working with decent-sized beads (not the teeny tiny ones!). This will help you get to grips with the stitch. I also think that netting is one of the most accessible beading techniques. So, if you have stumbled upon this and you’re new to beading, give it a try! Even if you only make one of the beaded beads, you can still wear it with pride.