Heart Pendant Pattern


For this project you will need seed beads in size 11 and 15, plus a few 4mm pearls. You will be working in tubular herringbone. Pattern suitable for improvers and beyond.

Your pattern will come as an automatic download on your receipt. So, please check your spam folder if you can’t find the receipt in your inbox. You can also download the pattern by logging in to your account on this website. If you have problems, please email me.

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Heart Pendant Techniques

Use tubular herringbone to make this heart pendant. Then embellish it with pearls, a symbol of love and virtue. This pattern is a quick and simple make. You can use it as a pendant or to embellish a Valentine’s card. Or, you could make several hearts and attach them to a charm bracelet.

The heart pendant should be suitable for all levels and includes clear written instructions, diagrams and photos. You will find it helpful if you have already done some tubular herringbone.

The heart pendant design requires you to use good tension. This is how you naturally create the shape you are looking for. If you are still less experienced, then the pearl embellishment is very helpful in hiding any slightly messy areas!


The key to creating this heart pendant is finding the two sizes of seed beads in the same shade. I chose to use silver-lined gold as this contrasts beautifully with the white pearls. However, the project also looks fabulous in silver. Or you might want to try a completely different colour.

When you are looking for beads, try to make sure you keep to the same brand, whichever one that is. Usually I find that there is less colour choice in size 15. So, try choosing that colour first. Then check that you can get the same shade in size 11.

Remember to check my beading supplies, in the Beadshop, for the seed beads and pearls you need.

These heart pendants are pretty quick to make. So, if you’re stuck for a last minute idea, this is a good option. Of course, it’s not just for Valentine’s, but makes beautiful jewellery for any occasion!

More Ideas

If you would like to try another variation on this theme, I have a full necklace project. I designed that for less experienced beaders. The heart pendant on the necklace uses larger beads. I then combined that with a spiral beaded rope. So, you will get a classic piece of jewellery and an easy beading project all in one!

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