Beaded Earrings Pattern: Triangles


For this project you will need two 14mm glass cabochons, size 11 and size 15 delicas, plus a pair of earring findings. You will be working in Modified Right Angle Weave and tubular Peyote stitch. This project is suitable for anyone who is happy working in these techniques, or still learning them.

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Triangles Beaded Earrings

This is one of my experimental patterns for the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad…and it was very experimental!

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this as I should be ‘selling’ this pattern, but it’s not a favourite of mine! In fact, it is the first project that I have completed, then cut up and remodelled altogether. It turned into a necklace and a different pair of earrings in the end!

It is one of those ideas that looked great on paper, but I just didn’t feel happy with it. So why am I selling it you may ask? Simple: apparently not everyone shared my views. So there are some triangle beaded earrings lovers out there who would like to have the pattern!

Additional information

If you are interested in geometric beadwork, this is a great idea to try. You will be learning how to make a large Peyote stitch triangle. You will also be learning a simple technique for combining the most basic Modified Right Angle Weave with tubular Peyote stitch in order to encase a cabochon. If these technique terms are sounding like double Dutch to you, then just follow their links to be directed to free tutorials that you can download to learn them!

These beaded earrings actually use basic versions of the techniques. So this isn’t a bad project to start with if you are building your skills in these areas.

You are going to be working with delica beads in order to create the strongly regular shape required. For the bezel around the cabochon you will be using both size 11 and size 15 beads. The triangle and joining strips just use size 11s.

I mentioned at the beginning that these beaded earrings were one of my first patterns for the Inspiration Squad. I was sent the cabochons and asked to try and turn them into earrings. Now, I’m the first to confess that I don’t make a lot of beaded earrings. So this was a great opportunity – and a steep learning curve!

I also mentioned that these particular earrings were taken apart and re-modelled… Well, the cabochon element made its way into another pair of beaded earrings that I really love. You can find them here!