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March 2019 Beading Patterns

March 2019 Beading Patterns, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Welcome to my monthly beading pattern round up. This gives you a quick overview of my March 2019 beading patterns. So, it’s the best way to check you haven’t missed out on an awesome project!

During this month, I’ve been exploring a couple of themes. So, I have a lovely selection of new patterns based around those ideas. Now, without further ado, let me take you through them…

March 2019 beading patterns on an aquatic theme

During this month, I’ve been participating in an aquatic themed beadalong on the Facebook group, Seed Beads and More. The group has been using my Star Fish beaded bead as one of their free projects.

So, I decided to add a couple more beaded beads to that and I used all these beaded beads to create an aquatic necklace. I wrote a separate blog about that, which you may already have seen. So, I won’t repeat myself here!

The first of these new beaded beads were my sea turtles. They were a very popular request from members of the group and a lot of fun to design!

I finished this off with a little octopus beaded bead who makes the perfect focal point for the design!

Leaving the beaded beads aside, I also decided to make a beaded box that would fit the theme. I’ve had it in my mind to make a treasure chest for a while. So, this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I also used this design to celebrate St Piran’s Day on 5th March!

Get a copy of the Treasure Chest beaded box pattern here!

March 2019 beading patterns inspired by fashion

Fashion trends was the second big theme that I decided to explore for my March 2019 beading patterns. I freely confess that I’m not an avid follower of fashion. I like to wear what makes me feel comfortable.

But, if you make jewellery to sell, it is always worth taking some inspiration from the catwalk. No, your customers may not have the budget to be wearing designer clothes! But, the trends that the designers are using will certainly find their way onto the high street. So, then it does make sense to design jewellery to complement the clothes your customers may be wearing.

So, my March 2019 beading patterns covered three of these trends. I used a metallic superduo to build an abstract beaded bead: the Superduo saucer (because it reminded me of a flying saucer!)

Then, I decided to explore the animal prints trend with another beaded bead. This set of four animal print designs made a great wraparound bracelet that I’ve really enjoyed wearing.

Use this link to see more of my fashion inspired projects

I also created a leopard print bracelet and a zebra stripe bracelet on this theme. Both are great beginner level projects.

Then, I took inspiration from the trend for using feathers, to create my peacock feather pendant.

March 2019 beading patterns for Easter

At this time of year, it’s nice to try a new Easter themed beading project. So, I have three new patterns if you like to follow this theme.

My Sugar Egg was a special request. Could I design one of those traditional diorama eggs in beads? Well, I did my best, and came up with a pattern using brick stitch. This actually fitted well with a little project I had undertaken on My World of Beads. I’ve been putting together a series of free lessons on brick stitch. So, if it’s a technique you’ve never tried before, how about it? This link will take you direct to all the free lessons.

I also stumbled upon another design, completely by accident! I was working on a totally different idea (which didn’t work out as I wanted) and I managed to create a little basket. So, I filled this with Easter eggs (also in brick stitch) and turned it into a pendant. It looks adorable and will be perfect to wear on Easter day!

Last year I came up with a design for Easter egg beaded boxes. So, this year, I’ve created another Easter beaded box. This one is a personalised egg cup that you can fill with mini chocolate eggs (or another gift of your choice!)

So, if any of those ideas take your fancy, use this link to find all the Easter beading projects.

Final March 2019 beading patterns

I think that brings me neatly to the last batch of my March 2019 beading patterns. Although, ironically, this project was also the first one I published this month.

I decided to try turning a beaded daffodil into a beaded box to celebrate St David’s Day…and Spring. So, this is the result!

Use this link to get the daffodil beaded box pattern

Then, I ended with a couple of special requests for beaded pen designs. For anyone who likes their national flags, I can now offer you a Union Jack and a Canadian flag.

Yes, please do make more requests for your flags – or any other beaded pen design!

Use this link to browse all the beaded pen patterns

Thank you!

As always, thank you so much for your support this past month. I hope my March 2019 beading patterns have given you something to inspire.

If you have any special requests for the future, please leave a comment below. I’m always open to new ideas and new pattern challenges!

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