Beaded Pens

In this section you will find all my patterns for beaded pens. These are simple to make – you just need to know Peyote stitch (and I have free tutorials for that). My pattern designs fit a particular pen type, so I have included links to allow you to purchase the right materials. Most of the patterns also include different purchase options. So, you can just buy the beading chart, or you can get the full instructions. That means you get to save a bit of money if you only need the chart!

Choosing your perfect beaded pens

The pens that I use each have two beaded sections. So, that means you can elect to use the same pattern for both sections, or mix them up. I have designed a lot of patterns for co-ordinating beaded pens. For example, my cat design looks great with the animal paw prints. The floral patterns could mix with the ladybirds or bees, and so on.

So, have a browse through and remember, you only need to buy the full instructions once – then you can just get as many pattern charts as you want.
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Showing 1–16 of 29 results

Showing 1–16 of 29 results