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Focus on Netting is one in a series of mini books inspired by My World of Beads website. In this issue you will find three jewellery projects, plus useful articles about setting up a beading business, netting techniques and sourcing the right materials.

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My World of Beads: Focus on Netting

Netting is a beautiful beading technique that allows you to create stunning jewellery, but is very easy to learn. Since the start of 2014, I have been working on another website: My World of Beads. I began work on this as I found myself repeatedly being asked about tools, beads, techniques, my design process, how to sell work, and many other things as I was teaching classes. I vividly remembered the days when I started out and had no idea about any of the tools or materials I found in bead shops. So My World of Beads presents my knowledge, recommendations for suppliers, bead shows, magazines and other resources, all in one single site.

What’s in the book?

In this mini book, ‘Focus on Netting’ you will find three beautiful projects: a bangle, a necklace and a pair of earrings. They are all simple to make and will teach you the basics of creating straight pieces of netting, then moving on to work in tubular and circular netting. In addition to these three complete projects, you will find articles about setting up your own business, choosing the best materials for your beading projects, a wonderful book reviewed and a great guide to netting techniques in general. All of these articles and more can be found at My World of Beads as well.

You can of course order this book whilst it’s in stock, just by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. If you are attending one of my workshops, I will have these with me. You can also see a preview of this booklet below. Following that link will also allow you to order ‘Focus on Netting’ direct from the publisher if it is out of stock on this website. I hope you enjoy this book and please keep looking out for more titles in this series.

My World of Beads: Focus on Netting
My World of Be…
By Katie Dean
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