How to choose bead colours

  • This is an online class, so you can work at your own pace, in your own time. You get access to the class for life.
  • You will be learning how to choose bead colours that work together.
  • Find out how to substitute beads in an existing colour scheme.
  • Learn how to change an existing colour scheme.
  • Discover how to create a successful colour scheme from scratch.
  • If that sounds good, click the link to go straight to the Teachable beading school and start now.
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Do you struggle when it comes to bead colours? Are you often making projects where the colours clash? Would you know how to substitute for a different colour bead if you had to? Could you change the colouring of a project? Well, these are all things you’re going to learn how to do in my online course: how to choose bead colours.

Will this help you?

I’ve designed this course to help anyone who has ever faced any of these problems…

  • You struggle to put bead colours together successfully
  • Perhaps you can see when colours don’t ‘work’, but you have no idea how to fix the problem
  • You always end up buying kits because you’re afraid to try your own colour scheme
  • You’ve got a new tutorial, but you’re missing one of the colours it needs. You don’t want to buy more beads, or wait for them to arrive
  • A friend has been admiring your bracelet, but they want you to make one for them in a different colour
  • You’ve just seen a tutorial for the perfect style of jewellery, but you hate the colours the designer used

Basically, you can solve all of these problems by learning how to choose bead colours. Whether it’s making a tiny alteration, or creating something from scratch, I’ve got you covered here.

How does the ‘How to choose bead colours’ course work?

This is one of my online classes that runs through the Teachable website.

You will be learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. So, once you enrol on the course, you get life-time access to all the materials. That means you can use them over and over, throughout your entire beading life. You may even want to use this to help with colour choices for other crafts that you enjoy.

The lessons use a mixture of videos and written tutorials. You will be asked to complete some fun beading projects as you go. But you don’t need any beading experience for this. You get to choose which technique(s) to use.

You don’t need to buy any materials – just use the beads from your stash. So, you can get started right away.

And, the first section is completely free to view, so you can decide whether this is something that will help you.

So, if that sounds good, click here to join now.