Beaded Box for Healing Tutorial


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Earn up to 60 Free Beads.

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My beaded box for healing tutorial is based upon a traditional Hawaiian healing practice. This design gives you a set of stacking boxes. But before I get on to explaining all of that, let me tell you about the materials.


You just need size 11 Delicas for this project. So, you probably already have some in your stash.

In addition, please choose your favourite beading thread. Use something that will give you good tension.

Now, I am also offering this project as an online class, which includes video demonstrations of the techniques. So, in that I have given a detailed materials list. You can view that part for free, following this link.

Experience and Techniques

The beaded box for healing tutorial uses Peyote stitch. You should be familiar with the following variations:

  • circular peyote
  • tubular peyote
  • stitch-in-the-ditch

If you don’t know these, don’t worry. The tutorial gives you detailed photos and diagrams. But you may prefer to use the online class, which also gives you video demonstrations of the techniques. So, if you feel that would be beneficial for you, then here is the link to access it: You still get this tutorial, so the videos are in addition.

Please note: if you have already taken my beaded Christmas present online class, you can use the video tutorials from that class to help you with the techniques for this project.

About the Beaded box for healing tutorial

As I said in the beginning, this design comprises three beaded boxes that stack inside one another. I have explained the story behind the design in this blog. So, you may be interested in reading that as well.

If you don’t want to make all three boxes, you can choose to purchase the instructions for just one of the designs. So, maybe you want to make the “I love you” box for someone special. Maybe you have someone you need to thank. Or, maybe you’re looking for a way to apologise for something. Just pick the design that is right for you.

Each of the patterns also includes a free bonus design for a floral box with no writing. So, you can make that in addition to your message.

All the patterns explain how to create single boxes, or stacking boxes.

The finished size of these boxes is about 1.5″ square. Each box is just over 1″ high, so the full stack comes out at about 4″.

You have a lot of flexibility to personalise the design and colouring with this project. So, have some fun!

Additional information

Tutorial Choice

Full set of stacking boxes (plus bonus floral pattern), Just the "I love you" box (plus bonus floral pattern), Just the forgiveness box (plus bonus floral pattern), Just the "Thank you" box (plus bonus floral pattern)