How to Make a Beaded Box for Beginners: Online Class

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Are you wondering how to make a beaded box? Perhaps you’ve been admiring some of the many boxes popping up on social media? Or, maybe you have a friend who has been trying some? And perhaps, like many beaders, you haven’t quite been brave enough to try this…

I meet so many people who are scared to try beaded boxes because they think it’s going to be too difficult. They worry that they don’t have the skills. So, they just look on in envy at the beautiful boxes all over the place.

Well, if this is you, then I have good news. I designed this online class specifically for someone like you. So, I’ve put thought into the design. I’ve used specific colouring to make it really easy for you to see how the techniques work.

I’ve given you a really detailed PDF tutorial to take you through the steps. You’ve got photos and diagrams to guide you, alongside the instructions. Then, in the class, you also get video demonstrations. So, I’ve provided over 30 minutes of film to show you exactly how all the techniques work.

Basically, whatever your learning style, I’ve got you covered!

And if that isn’t enough, you can also ask me questions if you get stuck, and I will give you some personal tuition to help.

Honestly, if fear is the only thing holding you back right now, then this online class will give you everything you need to overcome those fears.

What do you need before you start learning how to make a beaded box?

This beaded box is made with Delica beads. I have used size 10 delicas because they are a little larger. So, that was helpful for me in filming everything. It will also be helpful for you as you learn for the first time.

However, it’s not essential. If you want to work with size 11 Delicas (or indeed, with other cylinder beads), that is fine. Before you commit to starting the class, you’ll see I’ve given you more information about all the materials.

So, that covers your materials. What about your skills?

Well, although this is a project for beginners, I strongly recommend that you have previously done some Peyote stitch. I will be showing you the detailed techniques as I teach you how to make a beaded box. But this is all going to make more sense if you already know a little bit about Peyote stitch. Specifically, the circular and tubular variations.

Now, if these techniques are new to you, don’t worry. You can download this free tutorial and start learning the basics. Then enroll on the beaded box class after that.

If that all sounds good, then it’s time to be brave and get started!

Click on this link to go straight to the online class. It is hosted in ‘My World of Beads’ school on the Teachable platform. And I look forward to seeing you there.