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Third Golden Gift Card Winner

Third golden gift card winner, Beadflowers chocolate factory

Let me introduce you to the third golden gift card winner… Laura Chopp. She had the good fortune to release a gift card overnight last night (well, it was actually day-time for her, as she comes from the USA). So, now we have just two gift cards left…

Huge congratulations from everyone at the Beadflowers Chocolate Factory. We all hope you have a wonderful time choosing your treats.

Who is the third golden gift card winner?

Well, in Roald Dahl’s story, another delightful little girl, called Violet Beauregarde, won the third golden ticket.

She is a champion gum-chewer. But, she is also a highly competitive and very determined little child. In her press interview, after winning her ticket, she proudly declared that…

“‘I’m a gum chewer, normally,’ she shouted, ‘but when I heard about these ticket things of Mr Wonka’s, I gave up gum and started on chocolate bars in the hope of striking lucky.'” – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Well, as with the other visitors to Mr Wonka’s factory, Violet’s lack of self-control soon saw her come to a sticky end. No spoilers here, but let’s just say, she really should have listened to Mr Wonka when he proudly displayed The Great Gum Machine. Tempting as it might be to try and entire meal of chewing-gum, it’s always risky to meddle with new technology…

Your next discount coupon

Now, we’ve only got just over a week left in which to win two more golden gift cards. So, ask yourself this… Will you be winning the next golden gift card?

Remember, if you’re new to this, you can find all the rules at this link.

And, if you want to enjoy a little discount as you buy your treats, you can use the following coupon code:


I’m not telling you how much of a discount it gives… You’ll have to try adding it to your basket at check out, and see what happens.

So, best of luck in your hunt for the last two £50 gift cards from Beadflowers. And don’t forget, you can also continue to enjoy your own personal tour of the chocolate factory here.

Coupon terms and conditions

This coupon is valid for unlimited uses between now and when the fourth golden gift card is relased.

You can only use it for beading patterns purchased on the Beadflowers website. (So it will not work on anything in the online classes, books, kits or beading supplies categories).

It is not valid on sale items.

You cannot use it alongside other coupons.

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