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Fourth Golden Gift Card Won!

Fourth golden gift card winner

Breaking news…just a couple of days after the last winner, I can now announce that the fourth golden gift card has just been won by Annette Cody. Congratulations! I am told that her entire beading group has been hosting a celebration party.

However, you know what that means… Just one golden gift card left! So, how could you go about increasing your odds of winning it? Well, let me tell you a story that may give you an answer to that question…

A story about the fourth golden gift card winner

Well, technically, this is a story about the fourth golden ticket winner. You see, in the original Roald Dahl book, this was a little boy called Mike Teavee. And yes, he was addicted to watching television. In fact that addiction would later cause his downfall in the chocolate factory. But he was also a very violent child, particularly keen on watching violent Westerns.

Now, the book was published in 1964, when television was actually a relatively new form of entertainment. Certainly at that time, nobody could have envisaged the internet and all those things we consider entertainment today.

So, when they made the 2005 film, somebody came up with the great idea of updating Mike’s character. He retained his obsession with screens and violence. But this became an obsession with computer games. So, with all his skills in computing, he won the golden ticket by ‘solving’ the chocolate factory’s distribution algorithm and calculating exactly when and where a ticket would become available.

So, in that scenario, he was pretty much the only child (apart from Charlie), who didn’t win by consuming huge quantities of chocolate.

My question is, how do you fancy trying to ‘calculate’ the odds of when the final golden gift card will appear?

The data

If you want to do that, then you’ll need access to my data. And, to save you the hassle of trying to hack that, let me just give you the exact data so far…

First golden gift card: released at 13.43 on 8th January

Second golden gift card: released at 10.24 on 16th January

Third golden gift card: released at 22.43 on 21st January

Fourth golden gift card: released at 16.34 on 24th January

So, when do you think will be the highest odds of the timing of the final gift card? Now, bear in mind, I haven’t calculated any of this. I set up my computer to create the release times and dates absolutely randomly. So, is there even a way to beat the system and predict the final gift card…?

Your last coupon code

While you ponder that, I can give you one certainty. From now until the final gift card has been won, you can use the following coupon code to get a discount:


As before, I’m not telling you what that discount will be. You’ll have to use the code to find out.

And, as with all the earlier coupons, you can use this as many times as you wish. It will only work on beading patterns from the Beadflowers website, so not on classes, books, kits or beading supplies. It won’t work on sale items and it won’t work with other coupons.

So, good luck in your hunt for the final golden gift card!

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