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Second Golden Gift Card Won!

Second golden gift card won, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Newsflash! After a long wait, Gill Goldfinch has just won the second golden gift card. Congratulations Gill!

Now, that means you’ve only got three more chances left. But it does also mean a new discount coupon code for you to use. So, keep reading to get all the details…

Second Golden Gift Card Winner

Allow me to introduce Gill Goldfinch, the proud winner of the second golden gift card in this month’s special event. Now, if you’re only just joining us and have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this link to get the details.

As promised, here is the media frenzy of excitement surrounding the second winner. Now Gill has asked to keep her identity private, except for the name. So, of course, I will respect that. But I would like to thank her for her support of this event.

I’m sure you would like a little story to entertain you. So, how about we take a look at the second winner in Roald Dahl’s book that has inspired this event.

Veruca Salt

Now, this charming little girl was the only child of very rich parents. In the book, her father owned a peanut factory. Both parents indulged her every whim. So, when news of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets reached her ears, Veruca ran straight to her parents to demand that they get her a ticket.

Naturally, they weren’t about to say ‘no’.

So, her father took matters into his own hands. He purchased crates and crates of Wonka chocolate bars and set his factory staff to ‘shelling’ (opening) them, instead of shelling peanuts.

Naturally, the odds dictated that sooner or later a golden ticket would turn up amongst this hoard of chocolate bars. Technically, of course, the employee who opened the wrapper should have won the ticket. But Mr Salt made sure he got his hands on it for his beloved daughter.

Now, with moral values like that, how would this family fare in the chocolate factory?

The answer is: they turned out to be ‘bad nuts’. I won’t spoil the story, but I will say that they all made a rather nasty and untimely exit from the tour. This took place in the area where the squirrels were sorting out nuts for the nutty chocolates.

In case you feel any sympathy for the Salt family, I can reveal that they all survived the experience. But suffice it to say, they would never be the same again.

So, I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about how to behave as you tour the Beadflowers chocolate factory. And, if you are on the hunt for one of the three remaining golden gift cards, I have a new coupon code to help you out…

Your new coupon code

Between now and when the next golden gift card appears, you can use the code:


to claim a discount on a beading pattern. The amount of the discount is a surprise. So, you’ll have to use the coupon to find out. And just bear in mind… only orders over £1 (after discounts) will qualify for a golden gift card. So, make sure your strategy is sound as you compete.

Good luck and let’s wait and see who will win the third golden gift card…

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