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First Golden Gift Card Won!

First golden gift card won, Beadflowers, Katie Dean

Newsflash! It may have felt like a long wait… But Mary Rogge has just won the first golden gift card in this month’s chocolate extravaganza. So, Mary is currently pondering how to spend that £50 gift card.

Sorry if you weren’t the first winner, but I have good news… There are still four golden gift cards out there waiting to be won. So, could you be one of the lucky recipients? If you need to find out how to enter, just use this link.


The first golden gift card winner…a story…

Now, this whole event has been inspired by Roald Dahl’s wonderful book, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. In that story, each winner of a golden ticket sparked a huge press frenzy. Reporters gathered outside the winner’s house, vying for interviews and exclusive coverage.

Now I’m sure Mary will be happy to hear that I’m not sending any reporters over there. So, in the absence of an exclusive interview with the first golden gift card winner, let me tell you more about the first of the characters to win a golden ticket.

Meet Augustus Gloop. He is a rather overweight little boy. The reason for the excess weight? His greed. In fact he is constantly eating chocolate. Probably candy and sweets too. His parents simply cannot manage to instill in him the need for healthy eating. I doubt a vegetable has ever passed his lips.

So, in many ways, you could say Augustus was an ideal winner of a golden ticket. On the other hand, sending poor Augustus into a chocolate factory proved to be rather unfair. You see, surrounded by all that chocolate, how could the poor boy resist indulging even more?

A sticky end…

He came to a sticky end in the chocolate river. I imagine a whole river of chocolate would smell delicious and prove too much for the best of us. Poor Augustus fell in, whilst trying to drink its waters.

Unluckily for him, the chocolate river also happened to be the source of chocolate for making many of the factory’s products. How was this chocolate taken from the river to the manufacturing centre? Simply, through a giant tube that sucked the chocolate up. So, poor Augustus found himself, not just drowning in chocolate, but also sucked up the tube.

You can imagine the panic experienced by his parents at this sight.

I’m not going to spoil the story, but I will relieve your mind. Augustus survived the experience. Although he did leave the chocolate factory with some lasting scars. Let’s hope this helped him to see the error of his gluttonous ways.

Chocolate truffle beaded beads pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

A new coupon code for you

Now, as you continue in your quest to become the next golden gift card winner, I have a new coupon code that may help. As before, you’ll have to use it to find out how much of a discount it will give you. It’s only valid on beading patterns on the Beadflowers website (so not on classes or books or beads or kits). But you can use it as often as you wish. It won’t work with other coupons, or on sale items. And it will expire when the next golden gift card is won. So, here’s the code you need:


Good luck in finding the next gift card. And don’t forget to visit the Beadflowers chocolate factory for some chocolate and candy themed fun throughout January 2021. At the moment, you can take part in the candy puzzle game, so why not give it a go…?

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