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Rainbow Cupcake Beaded Box

How to make a rainbow cupcake beaded box, by Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Settle back and enjoy the story of how I made a rainbow cupcake beaded box… Then find out how you can make this too.

A little story…

One of the hardest questions people ask me is, ‘which is your favourite design?’

The truth is, I have a lot of favourites, but my cupcake beaded box is definitely up there.

Now, the sad truth is, I don’t actually have the original that I designed and made. I used it as a prize for a charity raffle draw. I’m proud to say that it raised £1,000 for the charity in question. And that event also started a friendship between myself the winner. So, I haven’t entirely lost touch with the cupcake and I know it has done a great deed and currently lives in a good home.

But I still missed having my own cupcake beaded box. OK, so I have the Valentines’s cupcake, which I love, but…

Click here to get the Valentine’s Cupcake beaded box pattern

Anyway, for many months now, I’ve been meaning to make myself another cupcake. So, a couple of weeks ago I finally carved out some beading time for me and got started.

As I reached the icing, I had the terrible dilemma…

What colour should I use?

I’ve seen many wonderful colours and combinations from customers who have bought the pattern…

…But which should I choose?

Well, I concluded… Why choose? Why not just use them all and make a rainbow cupcake beaded box!

So, that is exactly what I’ve just finished doing…

Rainbow Cupcake beaded box pattern by Katie Dean

Make your own rainbow cupcake beaded box

So, what if you want to make one of these too?

Well, step one is to follow this link and grab your copy of the cupcake beaded box pattern.

Step 2 is to pick out your beads for the icing. The pattern gives you the colour combination that I originally used. Of course, you’re free to pick out your own if you wish.

But let me share the shades I used here for the rainbow icing…

Size 10 Delicas in cream, DBM157, for the (C) beads.

Size 8 seed beads in cream Ceylon for the (D) beads.

The following Superduo colours for the (E) beads:

  • Chalk lava red
  • Hyacinth
  • Light topaz matte
  • Chrysolite
  • Sapphire
  • Pastel Burgundy

You’ll want about 4g in each colour, roughly. (And yes, there are only six different shades…you’ll see why when you follow the pattern).

I then just grabbed size 11 seed beads in colours and shades that went with the superduos, to use as my (F) beads.

So, that sets you up with the materials. How do you use them to create the rainbow effect?

How to create the rainbow

When you come to the icing, in each row where you’re told to pick up an (E), you’re going to use your red beads for the first two (E)s in that row, the orange for the next two, the yellow for the next two, the green for the next two, the blue for the next two and the purple for the last two.

Later on, as you’ve shaped the icing and you’re just using 6 (E) in total in the row, you’ll just want to use one of each colour, in that order.

So, just lay them out in order on your beading mat and it’s all pretty straightforward.

Then, naturally, you’ll use the appropriate colour of (F) beads to complete the strips made with the (E) beads.

And, I promise that will all make perfect sense when you work through the pattern instructions!

For anyone who needs to shop from my Etsy store, this link will take you direct to the cupcake beaded box on there.

So, there you go…a nice simple way to make a rainbow cupcake beaded box. The trickiest bit is going to be deciding what you’re going to do with it.

Will you give yours to someone special? Maybe this rainbow of hope could find its way to another charitable fundraiser? Or maybe you just keep it and enjoy it!

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