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Displaying beaded sweets, candies and more

Displaying beaded sweets and candies, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Have you made many of my beaded sweets and candies? If so, you’re going to be interested in this brilliant idea for displaying beaded sweets and candies. It is simple to make, and will draw a lot of admiration from any guests who see it.

What is this idea for displaying beaded sweets?

Well, it’s a beaded sweet or candy dish.

So, where did the inspiration come from?

My great-grandparents lived in India for a few years. Obviously this was well before I was born. But when they returned to the UK, they brought back a lot of beautiful hand-crafted ornaments and artwork from the area.

Among these is a little set of silver dishes. They are so beautiful and ornate. I believe they would have been used for holding sugar cubes or something like that. But I thought they would make a perfect display for little sweets.

Now, the actual dishes that inspired this, reside at my Mum’s house. So, I thought I would have a go at making my own version, out of beads.

And this is what I ended up with…

Beaded sweet candy dish by Katie Dean, Beadflowers, My World of Beads

How did I make it?

Well, I wanted to use a combination of shaped seed beads to create the ornamental effect. So, I lighted upon Bridge beads and Paisley Duo beads. I’ve mixed these with 4mm pearls and size 11 seed beads.

Naturally, I fell back to my favourite stitch for dimensional beading: Peyote stitch.

So, I’ve ended up with a self-supporting dish that is about 4″ (10cm) in diameter and about 2″ high.

I had such an enjoyable time designing and making this that I decided to try another one in a different colourway…

Displaying beaded sweets and candies, Katie Dean

How can you make your own beaded sweet or candy dish?

Very simple – I’ve turned this design into an online class. It’s one of my ‘normal’ classes that you can start at any time. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll have life-time access and you can work through at your own pace. So, there’s no pressure to be anywhere or do anything at a specific time.

But you’ll still have me on hand to help if you have questions.

So, here is the link to enroll on the class. Then, start whenever you’re ready!

The beads are really easy to get hold of. I’ve included links to bead shops that sell them. So you’ll find that inside the class.

You’ll also be getting a downloadable PDF tutorial with written instructions and diagrams. Plus, I’ve demonstrated all the different elements of this project on video. So, you get access to almost 90 minutes of demos, broken up into short pieces that you can watch and use alongside the PDF.

So, you don’t have to be experienced to do this.

And, best of all, I have a very limited number of coupon codes that will give you 30% discount on the class. But the number is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so you’d better get enrolled right now if you want to get your 30% off.

Just follow this link to the class. Click on the ‘enroll’ button, then add the following discount coupon code in your basket


If you’re quick enough, you’ll see 30% discounted. If you’ve been too slow and missed this discount, then I’m very sorry. But I will give more discount opportunities on other classes if you are enrolled in this one.

What sweets and candies can you put in your dish?

Well, anything really.

I’ve got quite a few project options on the Beadflowers website. You’ll find all of them under the ‘Beaded food’ tag.

So, from top left to right, we have:

  • chocolate truffle beaded beads
  • sweet delights bracelet
  • sweet dreams necklace

Then, bottom row, left to right – liquorice allsorts and mint humbugs.

They are all Peyote stitch projects and a lot of fun to make. I’ve already added some chocolate truffles to one of my dishes. I’ll be sorting out another set so I end up displaying beaded sweets in both dishes.

And, if I have too many sweets, I can always make another dish…

Don’t forget…if you want to make one and to get 30% off the online class, follow this link now, and add the coupon code THIRTY.

Good luck in being one of the lucky few to get your discount before they all disappear!

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